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Turn Your Scrub Jackets into Gowns

In my previous post about head coverings, I also showed you some of the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we are wearing at our office.  One aspect about our new “gowns” (backwards jackets) is that they are waist length.  We prefer our gowns to cover all the way down to our knees.  Due to the current shortages in obtaining knee length gowns, this video shows how to turns scrub jackets into knee length gowns with readily available resources.  With this technique, we have the proper PPE that is washable and sustainable, as recommended by the CDC.

A simple and creative way to make washable head coverings

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a necessary measure to safely treat patients.  A head covering is a form of PPE that can be used in healthcare settings.  During this time of limited resources, I came up an idea to make four head coverings from a pair of pajama pants that are washable, kid friendly, and very simple to make!

Back to Work Letter to Patients

Dear families,

The Governor’s mandate to limit care to emergencies only has been lifted as of April 30, 2020.  In our nation’s early phase as we return to the “new normal,” our office plans to start seeing routinely scheduled patients June 1.  We will continue to see our patients who need urgent and emergent care throughout the month of May.

Our office will re-open in the following phases:

Phase 1 – Obtain appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) + Staff preparation/training for the “new normal.”

Phase 2 – Address urgent dental needs that have been delayed (ie, patients that have cavities and need fillings).

Phase 3 – Get back on track with routine recall care for all our patients.

To abide to the current social distancing guidelines and for the safety of our families and staff, many previously scheduled appointments will need to be rescheduled.


If your child had a dental appointment scheduled between March 16 – May 31 it will need to be rescheduled.

You have several rescheduling options, and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your family’s needs.

Option A: I want to reschedule my child as soon as possible.

Option B: I want to reschedule my child sometime this summer before school starts.

Option C: I prefer to “skip” the previously scheduled recall appointment and reschedule 6 months from that day.

Option D: Other

Please email us at and provide your child’s name, a good contact number and your option of choice.  You may also submit your information through the “Contact us” tab on this website. We will call you within the next several weeks to reschedule your appointments.  Thank you for your patience!

There will be significant changes to the flow of your child’s dental appointment.  Information regarding these changes will be posted in the next few weeks on our website blog:  You can also follow our FB page @adair.pedo for continued updates.

We are truly appreciative of your patience throughout this process!  Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

We are so excited to see our patient families soon!


Dr. Adair and Staff