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Dr. Amy Adair purchases Dr. Carol Wooddell’s pediatric dental practice

Author: Dr. Amy Adair

This first blog is an introduction of how my family found our way to Northern Virginia.

My husband and I moved to Burke, VA in 2012.  We were very fortunate to be “co-located” for our military assignments.  I was stationed in Bethesda, MD and my husband, Steve, in Quantico, VA.  We decided to move to here because it seemed to be a good compromise for both of our commutes.

Shortly after moving here, a neighbor introduced me to her good friend Dr. Carol Wooddell.  I was contemplating transitioning out of the military, so I started working a couple days a month in her office.   It didn’t take long to realize that Dr. Wooddell had created something special.  Over the past several years I have gotten to know her staff very well, and I have met many of her patients.

To be completely honest, it was a difficult decision for my husband and I to both separate from our active duty military careers.  The transition into civilian life and figuring out “what we want to do when we grow up” came with a lot of unanticipated stressors.   Our friends, neighbors, the schools and the entire Burke community made it clear, though, that this is where we want to raise our family.

I do not take for granted the opportunity to continue the legacy Dr. Wooddell has created.  I am honored that she has “passed the baton” to me and I look forward to meeting and serving our local families for many years to come!