Nitrous Oxide FAQ’s

Nitrous Oxide “Laughing Gas” FAQ’s

What is Nitrous Oxide and how is it used in dentistry?

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is used to help reduce pain and anxiety for dental procedures.  Nitrous oxide is used in combination with oxygen for dental procedures.  Levels are easily and quickly adjustable to patient comfort. 

Can my child eat before his/her appointment?

We encourage your child to eat a light meal two hours before the appointment.  To reduce the risk of nausea, avoid heavy meals such as hamburgers and french fries prior to the appointment.

Will my child be sedated?

No.  Nitrous oxide alone will not sedate your child.  Your child will be able to communicate and respond to questions. 

What are the side effects of Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide has a proven long history of being and safe and effective during dental procedures.  A rare side effect is nausea or vomiting during the procedure.

Can my child go back to school after having Nitrous Oxide?

Yes.  Recovery from nitrous oxide is rapid.  Your child will breathe 100% Oxygen for six minutes at the end of his/her appointment to remove all the effects of the nitrous oxide.  Your child may return to normal activities unless otherwise instructed.

Can my child eat after having Nitrous Oxide?

Yes, your child may eat after the procedure if no local anesthesia was administered.  If local anesthesia was administered, your child will be numb for the next 2-3 hours and may have liquids or soft foods that do not require chewing.  Once the numbness has worn away, your child may resume a normal diet unless otherwise instructed.